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News & Media

Welcome to our News & Media Page.  Here you will find a synapsis of recent press, videos and upcoming events.

November 16 - 20, 2014 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Water Quality Technology Conference® & Exposition

This established and highly regarded conference provides a practical forum for a wide range of water professionals to exchange the latest research and information. The Opening Session will highlight the 40th anniversary of the Safe Water Drinking Act featuring Peter Grevatt, Chief of USEPA's Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, and David LaFrance, AWWA CEO in a discussion on AWWA's Total Water Solutions™.

Visit us at Booth # 803!

November 3 - 7, 2013 - Long Beach, California

The Water Quality Technology Conference® and Exposition

The premier conference for water quality professionals around the world!

Visit us at Booth # 413!


Publication about ENDETEC™ in N° 351 - L'EAU, L'INDUSTRIE, LES NUISANCES magazine (only available in French)

L'arrivée des "Smart Water Networks" : mieux contrôler la distribution de l'eau et proposer de nouveaux services -Traditionnellement rattachés à l'électricité, les "smart grids" sont des réseaux intelligents qui offrent aux gestionnaires comme aux abonnés de nombreux services et qui permettent d'adapter l'offre à la demande en optimisant la distribution.


Publication about ENDETEC™ in labvision magazine (only available in Dutch)

Geautomatiseerde microbiologische detectie in water - Met het TECTA-systeem kan, afhankel ijkvan het contaminatieniveau, al binnen 2 tot 18 uur een watermonster positief op microbiologische verontreiniging worden getest.


Challenges faced by water suppliers


Presentation of Endetec