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News & Media

Welcome to our News & Media Page.  Here you will find a synapsis of recent press, videos and upcoming events.

November 3 - 7, 2013 - Long Beach, California

The Water Quality Technology Conference® and Exposition

The premier conference for water quality professionals around the world!

Visit us at Booth # 413!

June 9 - 13, 2013 - Denver, Colorado


ACE13 provides an environment where water professionals can be leaders and learn from leaders in the water industry. Nowhere else can you find a similar gathering of water professionals from around the world intent on providing leadership and guidance for the future of safe water.

Visit us at Booth # 3031


Publication about ENDETEC™ in N° 351 - L'EAU, L'INDUSTRIE, LES NUISANCES magazine (only available in French)

L'arrivée des "Smart Water Networks" : mieux contrôler la distribution de l'eau et proposer de nouveaux services -Traditionnellement rattachés à l'électricité, les "smart grids" sont des réseaux intelligents qui offrent aux gestionnaires comme aux abonnés de nombreux services et qui permettent d'adapter l'offre à la demande en optimisant la distribution.


Publication about ENDETEC™ in labvision magazine (only available in Dutch)

Geautomatiseerde microbiologische detectie in water - Met het TECTA-systeem kan, afhankel ijkvan het contaminatieniveau, al binnen 2 tot 18 uur een watermonster positief op microbiologische verontreiniging worden getest.


Challenges faced by water suppliers


Presentation of Endetec