ENDETEC™, Global Sensor Platform of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Group

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ARRAYON Biotechnology SA
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Sensing the environment

Our mission

You gain in responsiveness and efficiency with our integrated turnkey services

Presentation of Endetec

Presentation of Endetec

Endetec provides with state-of-the-art and innovative environmental monitoring solutions that contribute to preserving our environment while addressing critical issue:

  • To prevent from health risks
  • To improve living conditions for population
  • To optimize installation plant

Our strength

Your priorities are targeted with a good understanding of local issues

A good knowledge of health and environmental risks through measurement and expertise as close to the ground at your side

Our innovations

You benefit from unique equipment always on the cutting edge of technologies

Our electrochemical and microbiological expertise centers work to implement in-house solutions, specifically dedicated to the environmental and health monitoring

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Recent technological innovation

2013 Private Security Award with our drinking water network monitoring sensors solutions

Expertise in environmental analysis and sampling

A large network of laboratories and services tailored to your specific activities

Smart water network

A wide range of solutions dedicated to smart water network: remote reading water meter, leak detection...

Consultancy in environmental and health performance

Precise and pragmatic diagnostics to optimize installations